Unique & Memorable Experiences

Vargas Tours takes you on a unique journey to explore Guanacaste, Costa Rica and all its tours and attractions. Whether you are into nature, adventure or culture, Vargas Tours delivers memorable experiences. What makes a unique and memorable experience? A good analogy would be to say it’s like a great meal, in the sense that it’s composed of ingredients that offer a true and real experience of Costa Rica. Vargas Guides are there to ensure you learn, understand, experience and most importantly have a blast during your excursion. They will also be there to provide safety, security and that everything from harnesses, helmets and vehicles are up to standard for the many activities offered in Guanacaste. Searching fauna and introducing you to new culinary experiences. Whether you are a lone traveler, friends or family, Vargas Tours can help you create a memorable experience that will have you reviewing countless times through your pictures wanting to come back for more. Imagine memories a child or an adult will create interacting with monkeys, zip lining through the forest, learning about new foods and how children grow up in other countries. These are experiences that will build character and teach about society and culture variations. At Vargas Tours we seek to make your trip to Guanacaste, Costa Rica unique and memorable.

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