Playa Ostional: Turtle Galore

The Olive Ridley Sea Turtle visits Ostional Beach year round, but the best times to visit and see masses of them is from July through December.

Usually the first brigades come through before the new moons.  A 5-day brigade entry can deposit an approximate of 10 million eggs. These eggs then take about 45 to 54 days to hatch, if they survive the vultures, crows and other predators that will peck at them with beaks and feet. These hatchlings will not reach maturity for another 10 to 15 years. 

Turtle eggs are sought after by locals to prepare raw, unscrambled in a shot glass with a specially prepared spicy sauce. Ostional is the only place where turtle egg harvesting is permitted and regulated. The first brigades that come and law during the first 3 days, lay eggs doomed to be destroyed by the other turtles that come in afterwards. So in order to prevent these eggs from uselessness, the locals are allowed to harvest during the first 3 days. This has created somewhat of a symbiosis because after the 3 days of harvest, the locals then guard and clear the beach for the remaining turtles to lay their eggs.

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