The Guanacaste Mountain Range has one of the highest jaguar populations in Costa Rica. This is also the only area in Guanacaste where you'll find sloths. As discussed in earlier posts, we will discuss a few species of fauna found in Guanacaste:

- Howler Monkeys: This is the most common specie of monkey found throughout Costa Rica. They travel in troops anywhere from 12 to 24 monkeys and live in a society structure dominated by an alpha male. The males have sack on their throat that expand with air to magnify their howling sound making it loud and scary. The purpose for this is to scare away predators and to communicate with other troops in the area with the purpose of avoiding conflict. 

- White Face Capuchin monkey is an omnivorous specie that feeds on fruits, shrubs, iguanas, etc. This is one of the smartest monkeys. They live in troops of 16 or more comprised of mainly females, at least 2/3. 

Due to how smart they are, many have used them in the movies or the famous organ grinder who would have the monkey collect coins. 

To be continued next week...