- Mango Tree: Guanacaste has an abundance of mango trees. There are also many plantations. Mango provides a harvest 2 a year and many locals enjoy mango's in their unripe state to eat with salt and lime or enjoy the sweetness of it once it is ripe. 

- Cashew Fruit & Nut: This fruit is in season mainly during March & April. You will notice the nut right away attached to the flower which is in fact also the fruit. The taste is sweet but dry, as you would consider a dry red wine in the way it leaves a dry mouth aftertaste. The nuts are collected and placed in the fire where an interesting show of gases and oils begin to boil out of the nutshell. Once it has ceased to release these poisons, the nuts are crushed, exposing a small brown nut which is separated, salted and enjoyed. After this experience you understand why they are so expensive.

Due to the dryness of the area the lush vegetation is limited, making it to hot for most wildlife. There are areas that adequate for fauna such as near the Guanacaste Mountain Range and Palo Verde Conservation Area. But for the most part the rest of the province is basic and limited to howler monkeys, iguanas, ctenosaurs, snakes and birds. 

To be continued next week...