This is one of many waterfalls in Guanacaste which are not well known and can be considered gems. El Salto del Calvo is not the same as El Salto waterfall which we will discuss next week. 

This waterfall is located near the town of Monte Romo, about 20 minutes from Hojancha. It is roughly 600 meters above sea level and surround by lush forest, sweet lemon, yuca and pumpkin plantations. You can enjoy all this scenery by hiking to the waterfall or riding horseback. If you descend quitely, you can also enjoy seeing various types of wildlife such as white tail deer, armadillos, coaties and if you're very quite you may see ocelots. 

Along the way you will see the river with other waterfalls that are spread about 175 meters apart from each other. These waterfall are 300 and 350 meters tall. Swim holes are also found along the way, the main swim hole located at the main waterfall and has a depth of 15 feet which is the lowest the water will get. Most of these swim holes have rock formations that are like slides which you can play with. 

This beautiful place is located on private land and is maintained (trails, horses, etc). The charge to visit El Salto del Calvo is $6 per person.