This waterfall is known but main due to an attraction located near it. But unlike other waterfalls such as Cortez Waterfall or El Salto del Calvo, there is no charge to visit this gorgeous place. The only controlled area is a guard that you take down your license plate since it is on private land and for security measures. 

One of the great aspects of this waterfall is that there is a latter you can climb to jump off the cliff and into the water. There are also kayak tours offered that allow you to cruise down stream. Once you reach the cliff part, travelers release the kayak over the waterfall and climb down.

This a great site for picnics and if you aren't into jumping off you will surely be entertained by those that do jump. A great way to spend the day is by visiting Cortez Waterfall for a few pictures and then finish off at El Salto Waterfall before going into Liberia or Coco Beach for shopping or dinning.