This amazing site started operations in the early 60's, when Costa Rica was faced with the start of a deforestation problem which later lead to the creation of national parks. Due to the deforestation many animals were deprived of their habitats and as a result captured by locals to become pets or end up in the illegal black market trade.   

A Swiss woman living in Costa Rica and with a passion for protecting these animals, acquired support from government entities to care and rescue them from unfortunate ends. She would at times purchase these animals from neighboring locations in order to provide the proper care they required. It wasn't long before shed had over 160 animals from the Guanacaste province. The Hagnauer Foundation has now be tasked with the care of what this Swiss lady started. 

For those that love wildlife, Las Pumas offer a diversity of animals ranging from wild cats to primates and birds. You can also sponsor an animal. There is also a souvenir shop on site and you can also donate. Donations among other sources are what keep this place running. 

You can visit Las Pumas with LAR Transportes. Let us know and we will arrange transportation for you.