NATUWA, as the name states, is a macaw sanctuary that was created inn 1994. Due to the worry regarding the constant threat that these magnificent birds face, along with many other parrot species, two native born gentlemen formed the sanctuary. Many of these birds suffer from loss of their habitats and as a result are taken from their nests at a young age to be sold in the black market as pets. This has brought their numbers down, making the goal of the sanctuary a development of a breeding program through captivity management. Another focus is reforestation and environmental education through many avenues such as ecotourism. 

NATUWA not only has macaws, but also an array of other wildlife that is part or the rescue mission. You will encounter jaguars, tapirs, monkeys and more. Tours within are offered such as feeding the jaguars! You can also help by donating for some of the ongoing projects such as the vet clinic among others. It is located in Aranjuez, Puntarenas. 

To visit this location, LAR can provide transportation along with a bilingual driver to assist you.