The Monkey Park is located alongside the road that leads from Liberia to Tamarindo. To be more precise, it's located a few km before Huacas, which is the intersection between Tamarindo area and Grande and Conchal Beaches. It is a non-profit organization that cares for indigenous wildlife by providing a home to re-cooperate, breed and prepare to return into the wild. They have gone to great lengths to ensure their work will benefit the surround Eco-system. Through this a balanced education can be offered visitors or volunteers. 

There are many species that you will find here. You can do excursions between 8 am and 4 pm. Not only will you see some of the main wildlife, but there is also a butterfly garden and restaurant for you to enjoy the local cuisine. As a volunteer you are able to assist by preparing specific diets for each animal, maintain their temporary homes ensuring they are as accurate as in the wild. Mental stimulation for many of the animals is crucial and you will be asked and expected to provide all animals with positive mental stimuli. Other volunteer duties entail guiding, painting, landscaping and construction. 

If you would like more information or to visit the Monkey Park, send us and email.