Costa Rica offers an array of wildlife rescues and shelters throughout the country. This month we will be observing those that are a close enough distance to the Riu hotel vicinity that they can be visited with one of our private service options. Most of them are anywhere from 1 hour to 2.3 hours away. This may seem discouraging and you may immediately dismiss the idea, but in fact most attractions in Guanacaste are so spaced apart the 1 to 2 hours is pretty much the standard travel time to everything. Most travelers want to visit Rincon de la Vieja, Miravalles or Tenorio to do the "Combo Tours"... and a fact is that most sales personnel will reduce the actual travel time in a verbal sense of the matter in order to make the sale. Do not be fooled it is at least 1.4 hours to reach these sites! 

So if you aren't into the typical tourist trap sites, you can help the country and it's wildlife by visiting these rescues and learn about their habitats in order to spread the knowledge. Feed a monkey or even a jaguar. Interact and volunteer to help our precious animal species. Next week we will begin our look into Las Pumas.