Guanacaste History: Part 5

During the Conquest period, many of the Chorotegas were sold into slaver or died from disease brought by the Europeans. Afterwards labor workers were need and the African slaves were brought in. Due to this many of the Chorotegas remaining have lost much of their cultural traditions. 

Slavery wasn't favorably looked upon and practiced by few, mainly the wealthy. It was an oddity to have slaves. Little was seen also because not much gold was found in Costa Rica and the terrain was also very harsh. Granada was a main outpost for those colonizing Costa Rica. The route would be through Guanacaste. 

Today, Guanacaste is one of the most invested on provinces. You can find large resorts such as Riu, Four Seasons, Hotel Secrets, Grand Papagayo, JW Marriott and rumor has it soon The Ritz Carlton. It is also a popular destination not only for tourists but also for many who wish to retire. CIMA Hospital has installations in Guanacaste for those that retire and wish to have use their medical insurance and benefits in Costa Rica.

The real estate market was also growing until the 2008 economic crash. It has slowly began to recover and many expect a big change after the US presidential election in November.