Our sister company LAR has become a popular transportation service company as well an icon in the Guanacaste area. But the curiosity bug has hit most of our customers... what is LAR? 

LAR stands for Liberia Airport Rides! A new logo is in the workshop which will include the definition. LAR has been in operation for some time now and has offered more that just a Liberia Airport Ride. 

Some of our services include beach shuttles that take you to Tamarindo Beach or Coco Beach. Our private hourly services are ideal for those that want to explore the area or visit tour attraction sites. One of the benefits of this service is not having to drive or worry about directions due to your bilingual driver that will assist you during your time on the road. A cooler is also included in our private hourly services. This is popular for those wanting to visit Mega Combo sites or beach hop around the nicer beaches. 

We can also take you to places like Monteverde and Arenal (La Fortuna). 

Be creative with what you wish to do and let us know. If you don't know where to start or what options are available, send us an email and we are more that happy to run options by you according to your interests.